Corporate Ethos & CSR

At Aress we believe that it is not only what we do that is important but how we do it – both in and outside of the work environment. As a company and as individuals we all take responsibility for our actions and are accountable for their consequences. But the tone is set by the corporate ethos - as expressed by Aress’ top management - and we encourage our employees to express our values in their actions.

We operate with integrity – as we would expect to be treated ourselves, and with honesty -even if the news is not what you want to hear.


Corporate Social Responsibility

Aress is a major employer and a contributor to the knowledge economy in its native Nasik. But the company sees its corporate responsibility as being greater than this and is involved in both local and national initiatives to enrich the lives of those whose lives are more challenging than most. From giving free weekend tennis and cricket workshops to inner-city children to providing meals to 2,500 residents of a leprosy community in north-eastern Maharashtra (see inset) we try to play our part.

Initiative in the area of social responsibility is actively encouraged within Aress and our staff are individually involved in a variety of worthy causes – to the extent that in 2014, 65 man-days of voluntary work was given to charitable projects. A few examples can be found here.

About Anandwan

Anandwan is an ashram, and a community rehabilitation centre for leprosy patients and the disabled from downtrodden sections of society. It was founded in 1948 by noted social activist, Baba Amte, and is run by the Maharogi Seva Samiti. Anandwan was developed to be a self-contained community with residents working towards food self-sufficiency through agriculture. In addition, the ashram has various home-based, small-scale industry units run by the residents that generate income to cover additional requirements

Blind Man Car Rally

Blind Man Car Rally is a unique rally, where the driver is accompanied by a blind man as his navigator using a Braille route chart. The rallies are run along the lines of a professional car rally with time trials and checkpoints and there are often close to 100 teams competing. The first Blind Man Rally was first held in Mumbai on February 11th, 2007 to highlight the initiatives of Round Table India to eradicate illiteracy and the challenges faced by the visually impaired. It was held in partnership with National Association for the Blind (NAB). There are now many events across the country throughout the year.

Blind Man Rally is now considered to be one of the 10 top car rallies in India and Aress is proud to have been a sponsor of the event since 2009.