Business Intelligence & Data Warehousing

Business Intelligence & Data Warehousing (BI&DW) solutions continue to remain one of the most important business requirements for start-ups and enterprises alike.

Aress delivers integrated BI&DW solutions that help accelerate decision making. These solutions are designed to enhance end user value delivery through features like data discovery, intuitive data visualization, and self-service dashboards while helping businesses capitalize on the value hidden in data.

At Aress, we believe a successful Business Intelligence/ Data warehouse strategy is not just about delivering the correct information, it is also about delivering quality information to the right people at the right time. And in today’s world of multiple devices, also at the right place.


Data Warehousing (DW):

Aress’ DW solutions help businesses consolidate relevant information from disparate sources in a singular data repository.

Our data visualization tools expertise enables managers to get quick and actionable insights.

The solutions provide in-built scalability for handling complex analytical workloads and voluminous data.

Our enterprise Data Warehousing solutions approach focuses on three areas:

  • Build and enhance robust data integration platforms
  • Incorporate and enhance data quality capabilities
  • Incorporate metadata management & master data management capabilities


Business Intelligence (BI):

Aress’ BI solutions come with technology-agnostic capabilities, allowing complete compatibility across applications.

This comprehensive suite of BI tools provides innumerable business insights from a single dashboard for faster and more informed decision making.

It optimizes performance and provides end-to-end analytical activity for better comprehension.

Our enterprise business intelligence solutions approach focuses on three areas:

  • Build and enhance robust reporting platforms
  • Incorporate mobile capability from the word ‘Go’.
  • Incorporate self-service capabilities to gather BI from across the enterprise

Aress’ BI service uses popular Data Visualization tools like Tableau and Microsoft Power BI to deliver user-friendly reports, dashboards and intuitive intelligence from complex organizational data.

Through a combination of experienced BI Professionals and a Centre of Excellence (DW/BI CoE), Aress is well equipped to deliver success to organizations across multiple domains like Banking and non-Banking Finance, Insurance, Healthcare, Lifesciences, Manufacturing, Retail & Logistics.

We also partner with top business intelligence and data warehouse technology vendors to ensure that our customers get the BI/DW solution that best fits their needs. We have developed client-specific BI & Analytics solutions for several domains.

In addition, we collaborate with our customers to develop a BI/DW roadmap that delivers short-term, tactical, quick wins, as well as strategic successes during the long term.

With the boom of big data and advanced data technologies, analysing business data gathered from every possible source helps organizations find opportunities to grow and improve their products and services. We focus on additional areas that necessitate Big Data in driving better business decisions.